Short Fiction

Folly Blaine attended the Clarion West Writers Workshop in 2014. Below are examples of her short fiction.

  • O Tannendoom (Flash Fiction: Christmas, Horror)
    Published December 10, 2015, at Every Day Fiction.
  • Hiss (Short Story: Steampunk, Supernatural Horror)
    Co-written with Randy Henderson. Available in the anthology Ghost in the Cogs: Steam-Powered Ghost Stories at Amazon.ghostinthecogs
  • The Man at the End of the Chain (Short Story: Steampunk Horror)
    Available in the anthology Beast Within 4: Gears & Growls at Amazon.Beast4_MergedFull600
  • Arkquarium (Short Story: Lovecraftian Horror)
    Available in the anthology — That Ain’t Right: Historical Accounts of the Miskatonic Valley (Mad Scientist Journal Presents) For purchase in print from Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and as an ebook for Kindle and for Nook and from Smashwords.ThatAintRight_CoverThatAintRight_BackCover
  • Better Living Through Pseudoscience (Humorous, Short Story, Mad Science, 2700 words)
    Included in the ebook, MAD SCIENTIST JOURNAL: AUTUMN 2013. Available for Nook and Kindle.msjautumn20132
  • The Hero Garden (Short Story, Reprint, Superhero Fantasy, 2,000 words)
    Included in the anthology, THIS MUTANT LIFE: BAD COMPANY.Available in Print and for Kindle.mutantlife
  • Before the Fireworks + Interview (Literary, 250 words)
    Published April 15, 2013, as the third place winner in the String-of-Ten FIVE Flash Fiction Chronicles Contest.
  • Scattered (Literary, 250 words)
    Published March 13, 2013, as an entrant in the Lascaux Flash Fiction Contest.
  • How I Learned to Love My Clones (Humorous, Mad Science, Christmas-themed, Flash Fiction)
    Published December 24, 2012, at Mad Scientist Journal.
  • OUT OF PRINT: Last of the Soul Eaters (Horror)
    Included in the ebook anthology, FRESH BLOOD, OLD BONES. Published September 29, 2012.
  • The Pragmatic Groom (Literary, 76 words)
    Expand the issue and select pages 14-15 to read the story. Published in the July 2012 issue of Short, Fast, and Deadly.
  • When the Dead Decide to Disco (Surreal, 783 words)
    Published May 2, 2012, at Every Day Fiction.
  • Taking the Wind (Slipstream, 997 words)
    Published April 5, 2012, at 10Flash Quarterly. This market shut down mid-2012.
  • Giblet Pan Gravy (Horror, 260 words)
    Published March 20, 2012, at MicroHorror.
  • British Guiana, 1853 (Horror, 5,579 words)
    A scientist from the British Museum travels along the Essequibo River in search of a mysterious and valuable creature that just might be the last living dinosaur.Included in the anthology, DARK TALES OF LOST CIVILIZATIONS.Available for Print, Kindle, and Nook.darktales
  • The Hero Garden (Superhero Fantasy, 2,000 words)
    A teenage girl is on the verge of discovering her own power as she grapples with the question: what’s so great about being a hero, anyway? Published January 19, 2012, at
  • The Truth About Woodpeckers (Slipstream, 996 words)
    Young Samantha learns the shocking truth about woodpeckers. Published October 1, 2011, at 10Flash Quarterly. This market shut down mid-2012.
  • Justice Comes to Jack Marra (Horror, 840 words)
    “An eye for an eye is an outdated conceit. Rehabilitation is the future.” Published September 15, 2011, at Flashes in the Dark.
  • Eau de Public Transit (Horror, 850 words)
    The morning commute takes a creepy turn when a mysterious stranger boards the metro. Published August 23, 2011, at Every Day Fiction.