Out of Practice

Mini Reunion, Clarion West class of 2014

I went to a mini reunion of my Clarion West class last night. I can’t believe it’s already been three years. (I forgot to get a picture early so two of my classmates aren’t pictured.)

I miss writing here or somewhere. I’m out of practice.

It’s very much a season of change right now. My husband and I are preparing to move. We have a couple of trips planned. I’ve been going through my belongings and making donate, garbage, and keep piles. We carted off a giant, heavy television to an e-waste facility yesterday.

Oh, that TV! There was history in that behemoth, and I no longer have to lug that history around. Of course there are loads more items to jettison, literally loads, but that was a big one. To motivate me, I have been playing a season of Hoarders in the background (on the newer TV) while I sorted.

It is already a warm, sunny day. All the fans are blowing. The dog is asleep on the couch beside me, on his blanket.

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