My name is Folly and I am interested in a lot of things. If I met you in person I might tell you that I get bored easily, but it’d be more accurate to say I am easily distracted, and there are a lot of things to be distracted by–

–such as gadgets. I love my Nikon camera and learning about lighting techniques. I also enjoy narrating audiobooks and short stories. My day job involves technical troubleshooting and data analysis.

I have written some fiction. I would like to write more.

I created this site to organize all the loose threads that have been pulling me in different directions. My hope is that if I lay them all out in one place I can pin them down on one end and then follow them through to their inevitable fiery conclusion. Or buy more thread, and weave something? Spin some yarns?

This is already falling apart. You might even say it’s UNRAVELING.

If I haven’t frightened you off, you might as well check back later and see if whatever-this-is gets better. No promises.



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